Your articles should be edited in the following way:

1. Text files (.rtf, .doc, .docx) are accepted.
2. Standard text formatting: font Times New Roman 12, leading 1,5, margins 2,5. Headings must be in bold. Quotations must be in inverted commas. Foreign-language words or phrases must be in italics. Do not use any special formatting. 
3. We do not limit the length of articles, however we advise:
- for referential articles no more than 12 pages;
- for survey articles no more than 20 pages;
- for polemical articles and reviews no more than 6 pages;
- for opinions, reports, filled surveys no more than 3 pages;
4. Footnotes at the bottom of the page.
5. References as in the Harvard system, in square brackets [surname date:page].
6. The name of the author and his/her academic affiliation must be given on the first page of the article.
7. The references list should be organized alphabetically according to authors’ surnames. If there are more works of the same author cited, they should be organized chronologically.

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